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Miranda Hodge, Owner

Having always had a flair for adventure, I started my story in small-town Texas where my sisters and I created our own stories in the canyons behind our house. From there, I traveled around the world until I met my human, Chris. He caught my adventure bug and we traveled the first few years of our marriage before we decided to settle down in Oklahoma, between his family and mine.

Aside from making our clients look good, I always have a couple of creative side-projects. Check out my latest venture—The Bevographer.

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Why Blackmore?

During our first year of marriage, we moved to Montana.

To be honest, we were not prepared at all to survive in the wilderness. Black toes and bruises became a constant reminder of our humanity.

When we set out to hike Blackmore, we just thought we would hike to the alpine lake. That seemed easy, so we kept going. And going. And going. By the time we made it to the alpine zone, we were exhausted and exhilarated. Climbing up to the summit was one of the most excruciatingly beautiful moments of our lives.

We bring grit and determination to everything we do, whether it’s summiting a mountain or creating a content calendar. We don’t just stop at 100%; we push to 200. Blackmore represents creating something beautiful, even if it’s the long way. We don’t cut corners; we navigate switchbacks to help you serve your customers better.